Snapchat: It’s not just for 12-year-old girls

OK, so most of us already know this, don’t we?! It seems not…

Last week I was on site, carrying out a Video Case Study; just standard interview stuff, covering what the business does and how they market themselves. The topic of Snapchat comes up and the young lady states “no we don’t use Snapchat, we’re not 12-year-old girls!“

Well this got to me a little.

Now let me get this out in the open; I’m not a massive user of Snapchat, unless you include sending ridiculous selfies to my friends (much at the annoyance of my 2 teenage boys), yet I do recognise the potential B2C market that lives inside this virtual world.

A little bit of research will tell you that approximately 40% of 18-34-year olds use Snapchat. That’s a huge demographic to tap into! There are approximately 158 million daily users, sending 2.5 billion Snaps per day. How can anyone write off this platform?

Snapcode including Bitmoji
SnapCode with Featured Bitmoji
Add Link to Snap
Adding a link to your Snap will draw information from your devices Clipboard list.
Snapchat Selfie
If nothing else, you can check your beard for lunchtime leftovers!
Create a Snapchat Geofilter for your Event
Create a GeoFilter for your Event
Discover Relevant Content

Now some of the functionality takes a while to get your head around (I’m not doing a How-To), however if you take the time to get familiar with it you will find that you can do the following:

  • Upload new and curated content
  • Add links to Snaps
  • Save your Snaps to a Story
  • Share Snaps and Stories to Memories
  • Create Geo-Filters for things like events.

…and that’s not all!

Search in the Discover Section

If you are looking to spend some cash, you can buy slots in the Discover section. This is where Snapchat Publishers put their content.

While in the Discover section, if you select the Search function, you’ll find a map with a list of Events in a selected area!


Find an Event

Now how should you use this platform? As with all platforms, there are no hard and fast rules, yet in my opinion, this is a good place to tap into a hard and fast market showing off things like behind the scenes footage, teasers, or just content based on who you are and what you do on a day to day basis.

It is worth noting that you will have to work at this, go “old-skool” if you like. There are no hashtags or mentions of any description, yet this is a good way of showing the other side of what you do; the less “corporate” side.

Like they say; People Buy People.

…oh, I nearly forgot; you can create your own Bitmoji too.

Create Your Personal Bitmoji

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