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Design and Infographic Trends in 2018

This is the year we finally take risks, in life and in graphic design. Because that’s the only way your design is going to stand out this year. It’s a well-known fact that there are millions of things fighting for your audience’s very limited time right now.

Bitcoin. Politics. Cats. Food.

All of these things are going to be out in the world trying to get your audience’s attention.That means that the things you did, to differentiate yourself from the pack in the past, aren’t going to work this year.Instead, you’re going to have to take risks when it comes to design.  

Riskier concepts. Riskier color schemes. Riskier GIFs, even. No more boring stock photos, minimalist graphics or half-hearted videos. These things will no longer grab someone’s attention.

That’s why it’s important that you stay on top of this year’s graphic design trends.

'Ultra Violet' is Pantone Color of 2018

The ultra modern color that will reign the world of graphic design, package design, fashion and home decor in 2018 is actually a blue based purple shade. Ultra Violet is an empowering combination created with just the right proportions of blue and red and it makes you feel the future happens right here, right now.

Pantone announced the color of 2018 just a couple of weeks ago but it already made it into designs of all creative fields. The sense-pleasing shade of purple carries a vibe of innovation, luxury, and mystique which for many of us feels like a breath of fresh air. After a few years devoted to pastel and earthy tones, it was about time a bold color took the charge.

Thankfully, the color dictator Pantone has provided super handy tools for designers such as color codes in various color systems and 8 different color palettes featuring Ultra Violet. This is awesome news for all of us who want to experiment with this mystical purple.

When it comes to infographic design trends 2018, the creativity and experiments will prevailbut presenting the information in a visually appealing way still remains a top priority. Both visual and textual elements should be focused on communicating the information on which the infographic was based. Now, let’s see which trends will make an impact on infographic design in 2018.

1. Interactive infographics

Movement, in all its shapes: videos, GIFs, interaction, is proven to generate the highest engagement rates. It simply nails the attention and holds it for longer than any other visual tool.

Naturally, infographics are marketing mediums which can easily catch the attention but when there’s movement involved, their power even multiplies. One of the leading infographic design trends 2018 is exactly the movement. 

Whether in the form of interactive infographics, or infogifs, infographics which move will be highly attractive in 2018.

This infographic by NeoMam Studios explores exactly what it is about infographics that hits the spot

Here is an example of infographic which interact while you scroll. This high class infographic is basically website and it takes a lot longer to be created than an image infographic. However, the result is mind-blowing and highly engaging.

2. InfoGIFs

An alternative to static infographics is infogifs. The dynamics they create are highly appealing and almost hypnotize the user to keep scrolling. (Well, in a good way!) Unlike interactive infographics, they don’t act like separate websites but they still bring life to the content. Plus, they are extremely shareable!

3. 3D Illustrations

3D is a design technique that has been in the dark for the past several years but it seems that it makes its way back to the spotlight. In 2018 many infographics will go 3D following the example of the modern graphic designs. The great thing about adding a third dimension is that it gives a whole new feeling of depth. It almost makes the design look real. For infographics this means one thing: a design that communicates the concept even better.

4. Typography

Creative typography has been a major trend for several years now and it will surely continue to be hit in the year 2018. Typography is the art of depicting text and like any other art, it comes in many shapes and forms. Now, the most important rule when it comes to typography in infographic design trends 2018 is: go as creative as you can as long as you keep it readable.

6. Negative space

Negative space is among the top trends for 2018. Whether in the form of a negative space typography, or negative space graphic elements (the infographic below includes both), this technique makes every design an eye-catchy art piece.

When combined with other trendy looks for 2018, such infographic design is simply doomed to success. A watercolor background with texture and flat illustrations accompany negative space elements in the infographic below and the result is absolutely mesmerizing.

7. Bright Colors

One of the leading trends for the past few years will continue to rule the web in 2018. Bright colors are fun and engaging. They easily catch the attention of the user which is exactly what every infographic designer strives for. They can be combined with flat style illustrations, gradients, 3D graphics and even photography.

8. Flat Design

Flat is the king of infographic style and for a reason. Its simplicity makes it perfect for visualizing complex data and statistics. You could never go wrong with going flat. We can tell, it’s the safest choice for an infographic design. A drawback would be the high competition among flat infographic designs. It would be a challenge to escape from the ordinary and come up with something people haven’t seen, yet.

9. Gradients

Brightly colored gradients will be a huge hit in 2018 in graphic design and therefore, in infographic design, as well. Due to their ability to steal the spotlight, they need to be scarcely used and carefully combined with the other elements.

10. Combination of Styles

After a few years of flat style dominance, the web needed to mix things up a little bit. In 2018, combining flat elements with gradients and textures will be highly trendy. Whether you prefer to design in one color and its nuances, or you’ll bet on a multi-color experience, you don’t need to limit your design elements to only one style. Right on the contrary! Pushing the limits is exactly what the users want to see in 2018.

11. Custom Art Illustrations

Having the whole infographic as one illustration raises the bar for infographic design quite high. Plus, this is the style where designers and illustrators conjoin powers to produce something really innovative and unique. Flat infographics are a top trend because of simplicity but they look alike to a certain extent, whereas illustrations make each infographic design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This is why this trend will inevitably be one of the most preferred in 2018.

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