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ØMNI42 have collaborated with Visit Heritage on all of their customer engagement and continue to support them on their journey

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'Visit Heritage is a hub for businesses and consumers alike. We have created a point of reference and research for all of our members and, as a result, our partners benefit from the publicity by receiving increased exposure online and in print, promoting higher levels of engagement.'

ØMNI42 have been working with Visit Heritage since it’s inception. Visit Heritage began as a Destination Management Company, hosting their partner details on their website and in their guides; Signpost Hotels and Hudsons Heritage Guide.

Over the past 2 years we have supported their growth by creating social media platforms, a Heritage Blog, and by providing visual marketing material.

Visit Heritage can now boast over 1000 members, and we are proud to say we helped in the ideation of the membership setup, it’s launch campaign, and it’s quarterly magazine.

Visit Heritage is now in a very strong position with their website, which involved a 3rd party web developer, and are actively working with high levels of engagement.

Our team has worked tirelessly to create the Visit Heritage brand; from branding guidelines, media packs, logos, and illustrations, to the look and feel of their guides, websites, and brochures and leaflets. We have produced and printed, all of the assets that Visit Heritage produces, which is another point we are extremely proud of.

Part of building the brand involved creating a character called ‘Mrs Hudson’. She is the voice and face of the blog, and appears within the Hudsons Guide. Our team consulted on the vision of Mrs Hudson, and created a series of illustrations to represent a set of scenarios that she would appear in.

Part of the branding process was to work on imagery that, not only built the brand, but still supported the legacy that Hudsons and Signpost have built over the last 80 years. You can find some examples of this below. You can also see some photography work that went towards the Hudsons Guide front cover 2019.

ØMNI42 have recently begun working on videos to support the solicitation process for the guide books. We are also scheduled to work on the Heritage Awards ceremony that takes place each year.

Want to see more of Visit Heritage?

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