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ØMNI42 have worked with Knipfest since 2014 and love being part of the good work

Knipfest is a local, non-profit, music festival that focuses on bringing the local community together to have a drink and a dance, and to raise money for cancer charities and local hospices.

We have been working with Knipfest since 2014 and as we have grown, so has our production levels.

We started out simply taking photographs for the team to use on their website. This then grew to videography to help market for the next years event. We then moved up another step and began creating and controlling their Social Media platforms, promoting them in the run up to the day, and putting out LIVE content during the event.

This year we have taken over the design of the website, in conjunction with Giger Media who do the hosting of the site, to improve the visitor experience.

Since taking ownership of the ‘Customer Engagement’, Knipfest has increased it’s following on Facebook, enjoyed a new, and well received, Instagram account, and have spread their message to even more of the local area.

2018 was the year of ‘Student Involvement’, and we aim to build on this relationship, by encouraging final year Media Students to actively take part, in an effort to build their portfolios and experiences.

2019 is the 10 year anniversary, and having raised approximately £200,000 in that time, we hope to take Knipfest to even loftier heights.

Want to know more about Knipfest? Watch the videos, view the images, and click the links below:

Visit the Knipfest website...

Click These Images...

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