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Khaos Control and ØMNI42 collaborated on a project that aimed to promote, not only Khaos Control, but also one of their customers, and their journey over the last decade

Khaos Control are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. They have been operating for over 10 years and can proudly boast a customer base in the hundreds. Khaos Control offer their customers a unique ERP system, that supports their customers in running their business and managing their day to day activities. Their USP is that they offer a single solution which ‘brings together all your processes’ including:

Customer Relations Management | Warehouse Management | Multichannel Integration | Order Processing | Stock Control | Accounting | Mail Order

Khaos Control approached OMNI42, looking for a way to showcase one of their customers, FIZZCO, and their story with the Khaos Control ERP system.We were required to interview Wendy, the Managing Director, in a semi-formal style. Further to this was the need for B-Roll; we spent time in the FIZZCO warehouses and around their offices, working with their team. It was of the upmost importance that we delivered an end product that conveyed the brand and ethos of FIZZCO and ‘subtly’ carried the message of Khaos Control supporting them over the years in their many different guises.Below, you will find a selection of video interviews:
  1. The Main Interview: This is the prime objective of the case study. We used a series of cameras, external sound recording, and some glamour lights to capture the story of FIZZCO over the last decade and how they have used Khaos Control through all of the change they have undertaken.
  2. Social Media Soundbites: We produced 3 Social Media Soundbites, all of a suitable ‘Social Media’ length, that specifically highlight the strengths of Khaos Control, from the point of view of FIZZCO.

Below are the soundbites. These are kept under a minute in length; not only due to restrictions of platforms such as Instagram, but also because of the short snappy nature Khaos Control were looking to achieve.

Want to know more about Khaos Control and FIZZCO? Click the links below:

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