ØMNI42: Visit Heritage Showcase

ØMNI42 have collaborated with Visit Heritage on all of their customer engagement and continue to support them on their journey ‘Visit Heritage is a hub for businesses and consumers alike. We have created a point of reference and research for all of our members and, as a result, our partners benefit from the publicity by […]

ØMNI42: Knipfest Showcase

ØMNI42 have worked with Knipfest since 2014 and love being part of the good work Knipfest is a local, non-profit, music festival that focuses on bringing the local community together to have a drink and a dance, and to raise money for cancer charities and local hospices. We have been working with Knipfest since 2014 […]

ØMNI42: Lenya Showcase

ØMNI42 digital architects ØMNI42 digital architects LENYA is striving to meet the needs of the Workplace of the Future; something ØMNI42 are very passionate about ‘LENYA provides an easy to use platform that enables Project Leaders and Managers to post a project or activity, that ALL employees, regardless of their position or the department they […]

ØMNI42: Khaos Control Showcase

ØMNI42 digital architects Khaos Control and ØMNI42 collaborated on a project that aimed to promote, not only Khaos Control, but also one of their customers, and their journey over the last decade Khaos Control are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. They have been operating for over 10 years and can proudly boast a customer base in […]